4 elements with complete disorder brought into control by one common focus; The Elemental Series. Each element has their own background and story, all with their own characteristics, finally culminating into the championship title for their chosen element. These top 16 teams are split into 4 pool to compete for their chosen element!


Having fallen from the sky over 10 years ago, the representatives of the air element pride themselves on their mastery of their aerial mechanics and adaptability in the face of turbulence. They hope to use the power of the championship title to rebuild their rocket’s core and get home.


The Water element, the resource of all life. Rising from the deep depths comes a wisdom unknown to all others. Whether it is a tsunami of shots or an elegant stream of passing plays, they are not to be underestimated with their advanced wave dashes and strong teamwork. The representatives of these ancient waters will defend their seas and swallow all who dare face them.


The representatives of the earth element have been around since the very beginning. Mastering the ground and passing mechanics, they honour some of key elements in the game, facing any adversaries with ease.


Boom! The Fire Element exploded into action many moons ago when they invented the demolition skill within Rocket League. For many years these players have been mastering the art; demonstrating their pure power when necessary and vanquishing their opposition with such speed that all that remains is a heavy smokescreen.

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A total prize pool of $5000 sponsored by Antlion Audio and Phoenix Blue

Prizepool Breakdown